The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack (v1.0)

Character(-set) Assassination: a Monospace Odyssey

The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack

At long last, it's done - the world's biggest collection of classic text mode fonts, system fonts and BIOS fonts from DOS-era IBM PCs and compatibles. 
You get:

  • Pixel-perfect reproductions of the original raster fonts!
  • TrueType (TTF) and bitmap (FON) remakes for 81 character sets!
  • Multi-lingual Unicode enhancements of the more popular fonts (and some less-popular ones)!
  • Multi-platform compatibility!

The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack started out with the idea of paying tribute to ancient PCs and their bitmapped, pre-GUI typography (if you can call it that).  It was inspired by similar efforts that cover other vintage machines: classic system fonts from the Amiga, C64, Apple II, Mac, ZX Spectrum, Atari 8-bit/ST etc.  are all celebrated.  On the other hand, the IBM PC and its clones seem to get little love... except for that one VGA text mode font (which has been remade numerous times, to varying degrees of success). 

This collection is here to remedy that, and to bring you pixel-perfect remakes of various type styles from text-mode era PCs - in modern, multi-platform, Unicode-compatible TrueType form (plus straight bitmap versions). 

Text Mode Lives!

Although the goal is to make it a complete resource, the main focus is on hardware character sets: the kind that's located in a ROM chip on the system board or graphics card, which is what you'd see by default when working in text (or graphics) mode.  Software-loadable fonts are also within the scope of this collection (if associated with a particular machine or display system), so some of these have also made it in. 

Here's what's inside (for now):

  • IBM PC Fonts (PC BIOS, CGA/PCjr, MDA, EGA, VGA/MCGA, PGC, 3270 PC, PC Convertible, PS/2 ISA models)
  • Fonts from PC clones (Amstrad PC1512, AT&T PC6300, Tandy 1000, AMI BIOS, DTK/ERSO, ITT Xtra, Kaypro 2000, Phoenix BIOS, VTech Laser XT)
  • Fonts from various graphics hardware (ATI VGA Wonder / Small Wonder, Phoenix EGA, Rendition Verite, Wyse WY-700)
  • System-specific DOS/software fonts (AST Premium Exec, IBM-DOS ISO-compliant, Compaq-DOS, Toshiba-DOS)

Oh yeah, I'm releasing the whole bunch under a Creative Commons (BY-SA 4.0) license.  Have at it!


Hell yeah!

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Anonymous says:


why do you not open a Forum for creating a community around the whole possibility with the "Old School Font and possibilitys" .. i have read on your past blog the whole Asciiart in Photoshop and on you Page.. and why should we not have an startpoint for have the whole fonts.. like a forum and the downloadpossibility.. and this maby in direction of open font or something .. i bet, this forum would be overfilled with the whole old guy's and so on .. you know .. specially for the maintaining the collecting of the wole mashines/oldshoold and how can named ever Fonts. I have startet also with something, but i have to less time, this fonts can you use and add also to your collecting.
7h4nk y0u f05 y0u5 d03z ;)

best regards

openmandriva Community Member Community Member

by the way, the Green Monogrome Colors :

Values - R G B
Text - 041 225 140
Background - 014 046 032

best regards

@Blacky: I can already be found on forums like VOGONS and VCF, where most of the oldschool PC folks hang out - and there are others... dunno if there's any need for another one.

BTW, about those 'green-screen' colors, I prefer the much more saturated radioactive greens of the IBM 5151 and similar ;-)

lol :] Give the colors in rgb or html #xxxxxx..
it's nothing in the way, if you make an page with the ttf and an small
frame with the original colors and directly in the html for edit the source and let show how the " 'style="colors:#ffffff; background:#000000;' " in the html-page for any font and maby with a prompt on it.. for have a small orginal cli-frame for earch font with the original colors ;)
hey, by the way, links from VOGONS and VCF ? ( i can not know at all g)

bests regards

Ika says:

I just had to make a comment and thank you for this collection. I'm an avid enthusiast of bitmap fonts on old hardware from back in the day, and you've compiled a really good collection. Thank you for your hard work!

Anonymous says:

What comes next - Commodore Font Pack (VC20,C64,C128,Amiga)? That would be great for all times! Thanks!

Anonymous says:

Hi! Your work is much appreciated and shows a huge amount of attention for detail. Great design for the page describing all the fonts. Thanks!

Balthasar_S says:

I was looking for something like this some time ago and now I found this.
Also it was cool to see my program (CPIED) listed in the tools used.

I hated beamers, says this man on his Winbox. But that collection is incredible!

Fabulous work! Many thanks for the collection. Hats off to you, sir.

Wow! Thank you for making this font! Now I can use this font in CMD! Especially the +Plus fonts! Thanks for adapting it to Russian symbols!

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