Git Push

The exclusive (read: tiny) readership of this blog, and the even more exclusive(!) user-base of my programming projects, may be interested to learn that most of those projects have been moved over to GitHub, for easier maintenance.  Code and binary releases are now hosted here:

Going forward, all version updates will be made available in the Releases section of each repository.  I've gone ahead and modified the relevant download links on this blog to point there.

On that note...

  • FONTRAPTION has an update out in the form of v1.1, featuring a small bugfix and a couple of requested features.  Salutes go out to Alexandru Groza for reporting the bug (and at the same time, showcasing his own interesting use-case for the editor).

  • The associated font collection keeps growing at a somewhat-alarming rate (we're now at 1,629 fonts, it says here) so I've split it off from the main Fontraption download. It now has its own repository, which you can conveniently locate at this here address.

Git push


Chris says:

Hm...ok. What's that game with a CGA effect?

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